Fairy Tale Friday- The Singing Bone

Thanks to Luna for Fairy Chrissi!

This week’s Fairy Tale is The Singing Bone. I actually really enjoyed this story. It has a supernatural element to it, but also a moral about the truth always comes out in the end.

The Singing Bone centres around two brothers. The elder brother is arrogant, the younger brother is kind and thoughtful (Why is it always this way in fairy tales?!) In this tale, there was a wild boar going around killing cattle and people. The King offers his daughter’s hand in marriage (Why does this always happen in fairy tales?!) if someone can kill the boar. The brothers set off on opposite sides of the forest as suggested by the King. The younger brother comes across a little man who offers him a spear for killing the boar. The little man tells him he will be fine, as he has an innocent heart. The younger brother then comes across the boar and easily kills him. The younger brother comes across his older brother in the pub, having some wine for courage. The older brother praises his sibling, but on the way back to the King, he murders his sibling and takes the boar back to the King. The King allows him to marry his daughter.

Many years later, a shepherd comes across a white bone, he picks it up, tries to blow in it (thinking it’s a horn) but the younger brother’s voice starts to sing about what truly happened to him. The shepherd takes the bone to the King and the truth is revealed!

I thought this was a great, yet brutal tale! I love when there’s a supernatural element, it makes it incredibly intriguing and these supernatural elements are definitely staying with me long after I’ve finished the fairy tale.

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5 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday- The Singing Bone

  1. Okayyy this sounds dark and brutal and fabulous. I need to read this now, especially since I was reading up on the original Brothers Grimm tales the other day, and they were SUPER disturbing xD I had to go and write a post on that then. Lovely review! ❤

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