Fairy Tale Friday- The Elves

Thanks to Luna for Fairy Chrissi

This week’s fairy tale contained three tales within the tale involving elves!

The first tale is more commonly known as The Elves and The Shoemaker. There was a poor shoemaker who left material out and each night shoes appeared that were perfectly made. The man became rich thanks to elves who were making shoes for him overnight. The shoemaker and his wife left clothes out for the little elves to thank them for helping them. The elves never returned but the shoemaker and his wife were rich!

The second tale also involves a poor person. This time it’s a poor servant girl who is very hard-working and neat. She sweeps the house every day and empties the rubbish outside. One morning she finds a letter in the sweepings. She takes it to her employers and she can’t read. The letter is from some elves asking her to be the Godmother at the baptism of one of their children. The girl is told to accept the invitation as it’s not right to decline an invitation from elves. The elves care for the girl and provide for her as a reward for helping them. They convince her to stay for a few days and continue to make her happy. When she finally returns home, they fill her pockets with gold. The girl continues her work at home, but she is approached by strangers asking who she is. It turns out that she has been gone from home for longer than she thought and her employers have died!

The third tale involves elves that aren’t so nice. A mother has her child taken from its cradle by elves who left a changeling in its place. The mother asks for some advice and she is told to carry the changeling into the kitchen and to set it on the hearth. She is told to make a fire and boil water in two eggshells. This would make the changeling laugh, and if it laughs then it should be the end of him! The woman does exactly as she is told and finds the changeling is soon swapped for the rightful child.

I really enjoyed these three tales within The Elves. I thought they were incredibly interesting, easy to read and unique!

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