Ten Characters I Didn’t Click With


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list are the Ten Characters I Didn’t Click With. The characters I have mentioned have been in books I’ve enjoyed, I’ve just not clicked with the characters as much as I wanted to!

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Bella Swan- Twilight

Twilight (Twilight, #1)

I feel like this is going to be a popular choice this week. It may be a predictable choice, but I just can’t help it. Bella Swan is just such an annoying character!

Holden Caulfield- The Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher in the Rye

I do love The Catcher In The Rye but I think Holden Caulfield is a character you either like or dislike and for me… it’s definitely on the dislike side! I found the insights interesting, but he just wound me up!

Alex, Mollie, Veronica- Those Girls

Those Girls

This book is an exception to the whole liking the book but not the characters statement I made earlier. I thought the writing was engaging in this book, but I just could NOT connect with the characters. I disliked them so much and wished they would have had some character development.

Bev- The Disenchantments

The Disenchantments

I liked The Disenchantments but I could not connect with Colby’s love interest Bev. I really didn’t see what he saw in her. She had no redeeming qualities in my eyes!

Ashleigh- Thousand Words

Thousand Words

I adore Jennifer Brown’s writing. I enjoyed this book and although I liked the main character, Ashleigh, I didn’t click with her as much as I wanted to!

Gigi- Smart Girls Get What They Want

Smart Girls Get What They Want

This book was a good light read but I found Gigi, the main character to be totally unlikeable!

Bishop- Hexed

Hexed (The Witch Hunter, #1)

Bishop, the love interest in this book, completely annoyed me. I think I was supposed to find him sexy and mysterious but he just made me cringe!

Sam- Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood (Red Eye)

Flesh and Blood was a decent read, but I thought Sam, the main character, came across as a little immature!

Ryan- Tape


Tape was an interesting book. It was quite slow paced and I felt like I didn’t gel with the main character, Ryan.

Alice- Side Effects May Vary

Side Effects May VaryThis book really divided me. I thought it was good, but at the same time I really didn’t like the main character, Alice. She has so much going on and it’s terrible that she’s suffering with cancer, but unfortunately because of her behaviour I found myself disconnecting with her and disliking her!

What characters have you not clicked with? Feel free to leave a link to your Top Ten post and I’ll stop by!

59 thoughts on “Ten Characters I Didn’t Click With

  1. Oh my gosh! I really want to read Side Effects May Vary. I read Hexed last year so I don’t remember much of the book, to be honest. I can see how you didn’t connect with Bella… I mean, very understandable haha
    My Top Ten

    • It’s a good book, I think I just didn’t connect with the character like I had hoped! I’d be interested to see what you make of it. 😀 Glad you can understand my Bella dislike…

  2. I think Bella in the movies annoyed me more than the book version did. I imagine she will be a popular choice this week though. 🙂

    Bishop was an interesting character, but, yeah, he didn’t strike me as the heartthrob type.

  3. This list was hard and I had to really search around for characters it seemed, because I overlook faulty characters quickly in favor of ones that I really like anyway. My TTT is a mishmash for sure.

    Yeah… Bella overall was not a character I was ever going to click with. Ugh…

  4. Aaah, Bella Swan… I agree though. I heard a lot about Side Effects May Vary before it was released and I was really intrigued! But then all the reviews came in and so many people said that they hated the main character, so I never ended up reading it…

    Great list!

  5. Great list, Chrissi! I’ve only read Twilight on your list, but I like your lists because there are always several books I haven’t even heard of before. 🙂 Bella is annoying, but I feel like most of the characters in that series are annoying – on the plus side, there’s no denying that the series got a lot of young people reading!

  6. Bella really is the worst. My Coblogger listed her, otherwise I would have. It’s the obvious choice, haha. It’s not romantic that he watches you sleep!

  7. Hi! I agree with Bella. She was on my list, too. I had Colby on my list. Though I could have put Bev, too. I really didn’t connect with either.

  8. I’ve heard Bella is annoying (never seen or read the books as I’m not a vampire kind of girl). It’s never cool when a main character rubs the reader the wrong way… a supporting character can get away with it more, but the protagonist? Nope. It’s nearly impossible to return from.

    Thanks so much for visiting Dreaming Under the Same Moon! 🙂

  9. There are so many characters from books I have not read, I will definitely add some of this books to my tbr. The only character we share is Bella and I know a lot of people has her on their list, but she was a really hard character to connect with

  10. I can’t believe I didn’t add Bella Swan to my list – what an oversight! I know someone else who read The Catcher in the Rye who said that he could relate to Holden, but couldn’t stand reading the book from his perspective.

  11. Poor Bella is having a rough day! 🙂 She’s on my list too, and so many that I’ve seen. I can’t stand Holden (or Catcher in the Rye in general) either. I don’t know the others on your list, but I have a feeling I don’t want to!

  12. Hahah Bella. I wish I had read those just to add her to lists like this 😉 And I still *almost* want to read Those Girls just so I can share in the rage. But that would be silly I suppose hah.Loved your list, great choices!!

  13. I completely forgot about Ashleigh! I’m sad to say this but I didn’t really care about her and wasn’t as involved in her story as I’d have liked to. Haha, I can’t believe I didn’t include Bella on my list.

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