Too Close To Home

Too Close to Home

How did I get it?:
I bought it!


Meet Minny: her life is a complicated whirlwind of unbearable PE lessons, annoying friends and impossible-to-live-with siblings. Minny is desperate for some space in a house spilling over with family and hangers-on. She has to contend with her autistic sister Aisling’s school bullies, whilst trying to keep her self-absorbed BFF Penny happy, and look normal in front of new boy Franklin. And on top of this, now Dad has announced that he’s returning to London – with his new girlfriend.

Secrets, lies and home truths will out, frying pans will be burnt, and arguments will flare up in a story full of humour, honesty and minor household emergencies.


I decided to pick up Too Close To Home after reading the synopsis. It sounded like a complex, realistic read about family. I love reading books like this and think they have such an important place on the bookshelves! This book is pitched at teenagers and hit that age range perfectly, yet I still think it’s a decent read for adults as well. It’s intelligent, realistic and an honest portrayal of family life.

The main protagonist in Too Close To Home is Minny, who has a busy family life. She lives with her grandmother, mother and siblings, including a new baby brother that she looks after a lot! Minny’s sister Aisling is autistic, and Minny finds herself often contending with the bullies at school who pick on her sister. Minny also has to contend with keeping her best friend Penny happy, and trying to look good in front of Franklin, the new boy at school. When Minny’s Dad returns to London armed with his new girlfriend, Minny has more drama in her life!

I think Aoife Walsh has captured Minny’s life perfectly. So many people have such a complex family life, more people than we often realise and it’s great that different family dynamics are represented in this story. I thought Aoife captured Aisling’s autism with sensitivity. The characters were easy to like and were well developed throughout.

Too Close To Home isn’t plot heavy, but the book is packed full of action. It’s well written, easy to read and has a nice balance between humour and seriousness.

Would I recommend it?:

A lovely book which appeals to adults as well as the intended teenage audience!


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