Fairy Tale Friday- Briar Rose

This week’s Fairy Tale is Briar Rose. Now I thought I hadn’t read this story before, but it turns out it was used as inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. This story is so popular, but I thought I’d go through it, just incase you’ve never read it! 😉

It starts with the king and queen wanting a child so much. One day a frog creeps out of the Queen’s bath (!) and tells her that she will soon have a child. The frog was correct and the king and queen are blessed with a child. The king orders a celebration inviting many across the land including some wise women. There were thirteen wise women, but the King only had twelve golden plates, so he left one wise woman at home. At the feast, the wise women presented the young princess with gifts, everything that she could wish for. The scorned thirteenth wise woman turned up and told the Kingdom that on her fifteenth year the princess would prick her finger on a spindle and die. Luckily, there was a wise woman yet to give her wish, she was unable to undo the horrible wish, but she could change the death into a hundred year slumber. The king ordered that all of the spindles in the kingdom must be destroyed! .

Fifteen years later, the princess was exploring in the castle. She came across a room where she hadn’t been in yet. It had a rusty key in the door. Behind the door sat an old woman spinning on a spindle. The girl became curious and touched the spindle, pricking her finger and falling into a deep sleep. The sleep spread throughout the castle with animals being affected too.

The castle gradually became hidden by a thorn hedge surrounding it. Legend spread throughout the village about a beautiful princess know as Briar Rose. Many princes tried to cut their way through the thorn bush, but unfortunately always end up being stuck. Many years later, another prince came to the country, he heard the legend and was determined to be successful. The prince was determined to do well and rescue the princess. After the hundred years had past, the thorn bushes became beautiful flowers, which parted as the prince made his way through them. The prince made his way through the castle, noting all of the sleeping people. He found the tower were Briar Rose was sleeping. He was amazed by the beauty and bent down to kiss her. When he kissed her Briar Rose opened her eyes. The whole kingdom started to wake up. Briar Rose and the prince got married and lived happily ever after!

I’m really glad that this tale wasn’t as gruesome as others in the collection. I was worried for a moment that Sleeping Beauty would end up being more dark than I had ever anticipated!

Next Fairy Tale- Snow White


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