The Snow Sister

The Snow Sister

How did I get it?:
I received it from Faber, many thanks to them!

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Ever since her sister, Agnes, died, Pearl has a tradition every time it snows. She makes a person out of snow. A snow sister. It makes Christmas feel a little less lonely.

On Christmas Eve, her father receives a letter about a long-lost relative’s will. Is their luck about to change? In anticipation of a better Christmas, Pearl goes to beg credit at Mr Noble’s grocery to get ingredients for a Christmas pudding. But she is refused, and chased down the street where she is hit by a hansom cab. The snow is falling so hard that they can’t take her home. She’ll have to stay at Flintfield Manor overnight, in a haunted room… Will Pearl make it home for Christmas?


Emma Carroll does it again with a beautiful short story for children. This book would be the perfect stocking filler for girls age 8+. This story does have Christmas at the heart of it, but mainly the spirit of Christmas. It explores the importance of being surrounded by family rather than having material objects to be excited over. It also has a deeper message about coping with loss, as the main character Pearl deals with the loss of her sister Agnes.

This story is seriously cute. Ever since Agnes died, Pearl makes a snow sister every time it snows, to make Christmas less lonely for her. One Christmas Eve, Agnes and her family wonder if life is going to change as her father receives a letter from a long lost Uncle, leaving something in his will for the family. Pearl goes into the village to beg for some credit to buy ingredients to make a Christmas Pudding. Unfortunately she has an accident and ends up spending Christmas Eve night in a strange room with another family. Pearl wants to make it home for Christmas!

The Snow Sister is bittersweet at points, but as I mentioned has a beautiful well written message which will appeal to many young readers and adults as well!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

A beautiful Christmas message!

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