Fairy Tale Friday- The Golden Bird

This week’s Fairy Tale was The Golden Bird, which is a tale of the pursuit of a golden bird, by the King’s three sons.

The tale starts with a king’s apple tree being robbed of one golden apple during the night. The King goes through his sons asking them to stay watch and see what is happening. Only the youngest child stays awake and sees that the thief is a golden bird. The youngest son tries to shoot the bird, but the bird escapes with just a feather missing. When the king sees the feather, he realises the value of the feather and wants the bird. He sends his sons again, one after the other, to capture the bird.

The sons meet a fox, who tries to give them advice. It is only the youngest son that listens to the fox’s advice. The fox advises that the son should take the bird in its wooden cage from the castle where it lives instead of putting it into the golden cage. The youngest son isn’t so keen on that idea, and tries to put him into the golden cage instead. As he disobeys, the golden bird rouses the castle and the youngest son ends up being captured. The youngest son is offered a chance to save his life if he finds a golden horse. The youngest son goes on many quests, with the fox guiding him along the way, as the fox has grown to like him. The tale is packed full of adventure. The youngest son finally fulfils the last request of the fox which unexpectedly benefits the Princess that the youngest son goes on to marry.

I enjoyed reading this fairy tale but it’s certainly not the best one so far. It’s fun though, so I believe it’s worth reading!

Next Fairy Tale- Farmerkin


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