Fairy Tale Friday- Farmerkin

This week’s fairy tale is Farmerkin. I had never read it before so I had no expectations going into it. Farmerkin centres around a sneaky farmer called Farmerkin. He was poor compared to the other farmers, so came up with a plan to get some money! He tricked a cowherd into thinking he had lost a ‘cow’ of Farmerkin’s. Farmerkin ended up with the cow he had always wanted. However, he couldn’t afford to look after the cow, so he slaughtered the cow and took the meat and the hide to market in order to sell- to buy a calf.

On his way to the market, Farmerkin finds a raven who he feels sorry for, he wraps the hide around the raven and seeks shelter from the storm in a mill. The miller’s wife offers him bread and cheese. Later, Farmerkin sees the miller’s wife having a feast with the priest. As the miller comes home, the priest hides. Farmerkin tells the miller that his raven can predict. Through the raven, Farmerkin tells the miller about the feast in the oven and the priest hiding. Farmerkin becomes very rich because of his ‘predictions’. He goes back to his village and begins rebuilding his life. The villagers are suspicious that he is a swindler. Life certainly doesn’t carry on smoothly for Farmerkin, but in his deceptive ways, he manages to geytt around everything that is thrown at him.

I enjoyed this fairy tale, but I don’t think it’s the most memorable Grimm Tale.


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