Fairy Tale Friday- Thousandfurs

Wow, this week’s Fairy Tale was a little different than the ones I’ve read before. Thousandfurs centres around a king who has a beautiful wife not to be equalled in beauty. As she dies, she makes the king promise that he won’t marry anyone who is not as beautiful as she is. For a while after her death, the king does not want to move on. Finally, he is advised that he must remarry in order for the kingdom to have a queen. Messengers were sent out looking for someone as beautiful than his late wife. The messengers were not successful.

Now comes a creepy part. The king had a daughter who was just as beautiful as her mother. When the daughter comes of age, the King falls in love with her (inappropriate!?) and decides that he should marry her. The king’s advisers were (rightly) horrified believing that a father should not marry his daughter. The daughter was just as horrified when she found out her father’s plans. To try to stall her father she tells him that she must have three dresses, one as golden as the sun, one as silver as the moon and one that glistens like the stars. She said that she must also have a cloak put together from a thousand kinds of pelts and furs which every animal in the kingdom must contribute a piece of skin for. The daughter thought that this would be impossible to achieve.

The king was determined (…he must have really been in love with his daughter!!) and managed to get maidens and huntsmen to fulfil her wishes. When everything was finished he took the cloak and dresses to his daughter and told her they would marry tomorrow. Terrified, the daughter takes the dresses, the cloak and a golden ring, golden spinning wheel and golden reel. She blackened her hands and face with soot.

During the night the daughter rested in the forest. The king that owned the forest was out hunting. Mistaking her for an animal, he encouraged his huntment to capture the ‘animal’ and take her to his Kingdom. Once the girl managed to wash, she revealed her true beauty. At a dance, the king was overwhelmed by her beauty and assumed she was a princess. This is where the story becomes all Cinderella-esque with the girl making herself pretty with her beautiful, precious dresses and items and then changing herself back to the ‘animal’ with a thousand furs. The king is determined to find out who the beautiful girl is and of course, it being a fairy tale, he eventually does.

This was such a strange little tale. It was highly enjoyable, but just plain odd! It makes a change from the gore!

Next Fairy Tale- Jorinda and Joringel

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