Fairy Tale Friday- Jorinda and Joringel

This week’s fairy tale is the short, but sweet Jorinda and Joringel. The story starts with a witch living alone in the woods. The witch was a shape shifter, and was able to turn herself into an animal to lure in some prey.The witch is able to lure wild animals and birds to her before killing them. Jorinda and Joriingel were two lovers who one day decided to go for a walk through the forest. They tried to avoid the witch’s lair, but unfortunately got too close. Jorinda was turned into a nightingale and Joringel turned into stone. Eventually the witch turned Joringel back, but Jorinda was long gone. Joringel begged the witch to turn her back but she wouldn’t.

Joringel dreamt of a flower that would break the witch’s spell. He spent some time, hunting it down, ready to break the witch’s spell. As Joringel approached the witch’s lair, the witch was unable to curse him. The witch tried to take away Jorinda’s cage, but it was too late. Joringel had realised who it was and touched the witch with the flower, taking away her powers. He then transformed Jorinda and the other women that had been trapped.

I enjoyed this fairy tale. It’s very short, but not gruesome at all. I do love the fact that the witch was so jealous of other’s beauty that she turned them into birds! What a horrible witch! Very fairy tale-esque!

Next Fairy Tale- Six Who Made Their Way In The World


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