Fairy Tale Friday- Gambling Hans

Gambling Hans is an utterly bonkers fairy tale. It centres around a man who gambles so much that he is known as Gambling Hans. One day the Lord and St Peter visit Gambling Hans looking for some hospitality. They want to reward Hans for giving them a place to stay, not realising that Hans would use it for his own good. Hans asks for cards that always win, dice that’ll always win and a tree that doesn’t let any climber down unless they have permission.

Hans goes on to win a lot of money. St Peter and the Lord decide to bring Death into the equation to teach Hans a lesson. However, Hans sends Death up the tree and leaves him there for years. Finally St Peter and the Lord intervene once more and Death manages to get to Hans. Hans doesn’t deserve a place in Heaven, so he goes to Hell where they easily let him in. However, they get sick of his gambling ways and constant winning, so once more St Peter and the Lord get involved. They try to work with Hans in Heaven, but he does not fit and causes havoc in an otherwise peaceful place. St Peter has had enough and both he and the Lord, push Hans out of Heaven, causing his soul to shatter into pieces.

I loved this weird and quirky tale. It definitely made me smile!

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