Fairy Tale Friday- The Singing, Springing Lark

The Singing, Springing Lark is about a man with three daughters. The man has to go on a journey one day, and asks his daughters what they want on his return. The eldest daughter wants diamonds, the middle daughter wants pearls and the youngest daughter wants a singing, springing lark. The man promises his daughters these things. He has no trouble sourcing the diamonds and pearls, but knows he has to get his youngest’s request, especially because she is one of his favourites.

The man finally comes across a lark on his journey back home. He orders his servant to try and catch it. A lion jumps out and tries to kill them both for attempting to steal the lark. They bargain with the lion, and the man is persuaded to bring the lion the first thing that greets him on his return home. The man is terrified that it will be his youngest daughter, but ends up agreeing nonetheless.

The daughter is the first to greet him and the man withholds his bargain. The daughter finds out that the lion turns into a human at night and is lion by day. The human version of the lion is a prince!

The story continues to follow the daughter and her new husband’s life. It is very reminscent of Beauty and The Beast. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one!

Next Fairy Tale- The Goose Girl



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