Beth and Chrissi Do Kid Lit- The Class That Went Wild

The Class That Went Wild

How did I get it?:
Beth bought it for me!


Ever since Mrs Lloyd left to have a baby, Class 4L has been impossible! Teacher after teacher has left in tears as Sean and his gang have got rowdier and rowdier. Gillian is now worried because her twin Joseph has joined the gang and she’s sure he’s in trouble. But when her plan to rescue the situation ends in disaster, it seems nothing can save Class 4L. Then Joseph goes missing…


This book was a massive part of my childhood. Beth sourced the cover of the copy that we used to read as children and the memories flooded back. I shall never forget Beth reading it to me as a child. It was one in a long list of books that she used to read aloud to me, teasing me that she was going to stop.

The Class That Went Wild centres around Gillian who is a little bit of a goody, goody if I’m being entirely honest. I can’t remember if she used to frustrate me so much as a child, but certainly as an adult she did! Gillian’s teacher has gone off on an early maternity leave due to ill heath and the class falls to bits without her. No teacher can control them. They certainly are wild and they’re the class that I would dread to have! I could totally sympathise with the teachers, much more than I did when I was younger. Gillian’s brother Joseph gets into all sorts of trouble.

The book was as dramatic, fast paced yet charming as I remembered it to be. I expected it to feel a bit more dated than it did. Yes, it isn’t as modern as books aimed at middle grade now, but I do believe many readers would still get something out of this book.

For Beth’s wonderful review, check out her blog HERE

Would I recommend it?:
Without a doubt!

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