This Is Where It Ends

This Is Where It Ends

How did I get it?:
I received it for the This Is Where It Ends UK Yearbook Tour


10:00 a.m.
The principal of Opportunity, Alabama’s high school finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester and encouraging them to excel and achieve.

10:02 a.m.
The students get up to leave the auditorium for their next class.

The auditorium doors won’t open.

Someone starts shooting.

Told over the span of 54 harrowing minutes from four different perspectives, terror reigns as one student’s calculated revenge turns into the ultimate game of survival.


This Is Where It Ends has been getting a LOT of buzz around the blogosphere. I feel like I’ve been seeing this book around so many blogs on anticipated lists, which makes me very happy- but scared at the same time. All too often, books don’t live up to the hype. I believe that This Is Where It Ends does live up to the hype and I can’t wait to read people’s reviews of it!

Considering that this story is told over such a short period of time, the author packs in so much information. I felt like I knew the four narrators well through clever use of flashbacks and well written character development throughout. I have to be honest and admit that I don’t always get on with this sort of narration, but for this book, I believe it was done well.

The only thing that prevented me from giving it the full five star treatment was that I felt the tweets/messages didn’t add much to the story, however, they didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story, I’m just ultra picky with my five stars! 😉

The story is powerful. It’s heart-breaking and terrifying at the same time. If I hadn’t have been so busy, I could’ve easily read this book in one sitting. It’s addictive, fast paced and easy to devour.

Would I recommend it?:
Of course! 4.5 stars

This Is Where It Ends is an incredibly established debut. I look forward to following Marieke Nijkamp’s career! 

This Is Where It Ends comes out tomorrow!

17 thoughts on “This Is Where It Ends

  1. I have this one coming up and scared to read it too! I also get nervous about short time line novels but since you mentioned that it is done well, gives me hope!

  2. This is the first review that I have read for this book. I already have it on my TBR and can’t wait to read it.
    I don’t know what this trend is towards adding test messages and other media in books. I don’t like it. I am glad that it didn’t effect your overall experience in this case though.

  3. I LOVED this book! I read so many bad reviews of this book before, I am so happy that there is someone out there with the same opinion! I cried so much after I finished this book!!

    • Yay! I’m pleased that you loved it too. I’ve seen some mixed reviews, I guess that’s what happens when a book is hyped as much as this one was. I’m so glad you enjoyed it though!

      • I only ever saw negative reviews, so when I liked it I thought I was the black sheep of the book community!! Glad to see that I am not!!! 😀

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