Fairy Tale Friday- The Stolen Pennies

This week’s fairy tale is another strange one. This time I read The Stolen Pennies which is an incredibly weird and short story with a similar vein to last week’s fairy tale The Little Shroud. 

It centres around a family sitting down to dinner. The family have a visitor over. Suddenly a deathly pale child dressed in snow white appears. He walks into the next room and then goes. This happens over several days. The visitor questions the family asking who the beautiful child is. The family can’t see anyone, so the visitor points out the beautiful child the next time he appears. The visitor describes the child to the mother of the family. It turns out that the beautiful child is the son of the family who died four weeks prior. The mother lifts the floorboards and finds two pennies that she had given to her son to give to a poor man. The son had hidden the pennies hoping to buy a cake for himself. This meant the son had no peace in his grave. The family gave the pennies to a poor man, and the son was never seen again!

These past two tales have been ghostly and holding a simple moral to them. Both stories encouraged grief to never become excessive as it was self-indulgent!!

Next Fairy Tale- The Donkey Cabbage (Yes really, it’s called that!)


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