Fairy Tale Friday- One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes

Ah, Grimm Tales. How I love you! I had never heard of One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes prior to picking up this fairy tale this week. I loved it though. If I had to describe it, it would be Cinderella with added weirdness. Oh, and a goat. Goaterella?

The story starts with a woman who had three daughters. The eldest daughter had one eye in the middle of her forehead, the middle daughter had two eyes like ordinary people and the third daughter had three eyes with the third in the middle of her forehead. Two Eyes was mocked by her siblings and her mother for being different. They treated her badly, often leaving her scraps to eat.

Two Eyes was often sent to the field to look after the goat. She felt incredibly hungry so sat down and cried. When she looked up she saw a woman beside her. The woman asked why she was crying and Two Eyes explained her hunger. The woman told Two Eyes that she must recite ‘Little goat, bleat, little table appear’, when she had recited this food would appear. When Two Eyes had finished eating then she had to say ‘Little goat, bleat, little table away.’ This would make the table vanish. Two Eyes tried this at once, she saw that it worked and she no longer felt like she needed the scraps her family had left her.

The family began to get suspicious about Two Eyes lack of hunger, so the mother sent One Eye out with Two Eyes to look after the goat. Two Eyes knew exactly what One Eye was up to, so she sang her to sleep and then summoned the food. The next day, Three Eyes was sent out with Two Eyes. Unfortunately, Two Eyes didn’t realise one of Three Eyes eyes was open, and Three Eyes saw exactly how Two Eyes summoned the food. When they returned home, Three Eyes told her mother what had happened. Enraged, the mother found a knife and killed the goat. Harsh!

Two Eyes sat and cried. The woman appeared and asked her why she was so upset. The woman told Two Eyes to bury the heart of the goat, as this would bring her luck.  So Two Eyes did. The next day a tree appeared which had silver leaves and gold fruit growing upon it. The greedy family tried to take the precious items from the tree, but they were all unsuccessful. They were jealous that Two Eyes could pick the valuable items from the tree and were meaner than ever to Two Eyes.

Later on, a Knight came across the tree. The family hid Two Eyes so the Knight wouldn’t see her. The sisters tried to convince the Knight that the tree was theirs. The Knight became suspicious, especially when they couldn’t take anything from the tree. From her hiding place, Two Eyes rolled out some golden apples. The Knight took notice and was so impressed with Two Eyes that he took her to his castle. The sisters were happy to have kept the tree, but unfortunately it vanished along with the sister, appearing to Two Eyes outside of the castle window! The sisters later came to the castle and begged their sister for food. Two Eyes recognised them at once!

I did really enjoy reading this spin on a Cinderella-esque story. I’m not so surprised now when a random goat appears… Have I been reading too much Grimm?!

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