The Haunting

The Haunting

How did I get it?:
I received it from Stripes publishing in exchange for a honest review. This hasn’t affected my opinion of the book!

Previously reviewed by the same author:
Frozen Charlotte


Some curses grow stronger with time…
People say that all Cornish inns are haunted, but the Waterwitch’s history is particularly chilling. Built from the salvaged timber of a cursed ship, the guest house’s dark secrets go further back than anyone can remember.
Emma is permanently confined to a wheelchair after an accident at the Waterwitch which took place when she was ten. Seven years later, she decides to return to the place where the awful event occurred. But the ancient inn still has its ghosts, and one particular spirit is more vengeful than ever…


I was so excited to read about The Haunting, after Alex Bell’s Frozen Charlotte ended up being my favourite Red Eye release last year. I was particularly intrigued to read The Haunting, after reading that it was set in Looe, a place that I visited several years back.

The Haunting is narrated by three different, distinctive characters. The reader reads from Emma, Jem and Shell’s perspective. It centres around an old, haunted inn called the Waterwitch. Years ago, Emma had an accident which left her confined to a wheelchair. Years later, Emma revisits the Waterwitch after a family member becomes seriously unwell. She is reunited with her old friend Jem and his sister Shell. Both are acting incredibly strangely…the inn itself is as creepy as ever with one spirit looking for revenge.

The Haunting is a book that builds slowly. This doesn’t work for me with some books, as I tend to get bored, but with The Haunting, I was grateful of the background information. I wanted to soak it all in. There are some incredibly vivid, chilling scenes throughout. I was definitely creeped out towards the end of the story. I couldn’t put it down.

I would recommend that you try to read The Haunting without comparing it to Frozen Charlotte. They are completely different reads, but well worth reading. I really hope Alex Bell writes more YA books, however I will surely pick up anything she writes in the future!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

A creepy, intriguing read which builds as the story progresses!

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