Fairy Tale Friday- Mount Simeli

I loved this week’s Fairy Tale. I wasn’t familiar with it before reading it, but it’s certainly turned into one of my favourites. I believe it’s inspired by Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves. 

Mount Simeli centres around two brothers- one rich and one poor. The rich brother never gave anything to his poor brother. The poor brother made a living as a grain dealer. However, he didn’t often make money to have bread for his wife and children.

One day the poor man was walking through the forest when he saw a mountain that he’d never seen before. To his surprise he saw a large group of men approaching the mountain. Believing them to be robbers, he pushed his belongings into the bushes and hid, watching what the men would do. The men went straight to the mountain and said ‘Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, open up’  The mountain immediately opened, the men went inside and then it closed shut. Later on, the men came out carrying heavy sacks on their backs. They said ‘Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, close.’ The mountain closed and then the men went away.

Curious, the poor man decided to discover the secret of the mountain. He went up to it and repeated the words. To his surprise, the mountain was full of silver, gold and other treasures. The man was unsure whether he should take something or not, but in the end he filled his pockets with gold but left the jewels behind. He left the mountain, closing it as the men had done. The man had enough money to buy things for his family. He also did good with his money, by giving to the poor.

The man’s brother was wondering where his brother was getting his money from. He set a trap for his brother- finally getting the mountain’s secret out of him. The brother went to the mountain- repeating the words that he had been told. The man filled up with gold and as much treasure as he could take. He forgot the name of the mountain and could not open the mountain. The more panicked he got, the more he forgot the mountain’s name. Eventually, the men turned up ready for their load of the treasure. They were pleased that they had found the person that had been taking treasure. The man insisted it was his brother, but they didn’t believe him- chopping him up into pieces!


A brutal ending, but I loved this fairy tale!

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