Beth and Chrissi’s Points Of View on Point Horror


Welcome back to Beth and I’s Point Horror feature, the feature where we get nostalgic about our favourite Point Horror books! This time, my blog will host our reviews of Freeze Tag by Caroline B.Cooney. Over on Beth’s blog, you can check out our review of The Snowman by R.L Stine. Click HERE to read it!

Freeze Tag


Meghan and West, girl and boy next door, play an innocent game of freeze tag with their neighbor Lannie. But freeze tag is no ordinary game…when Lannie is playing. For when she tags someone, they really do freeze – like an ice blue statue – like death.

On that same day, ice-hearted Lannie extracts a horrible promise from handsome West: “You must always like me best…”

Now they’re older and Meghan and West are in love. That one terrifying game has been forgotten…until Lannie reminds West of the promise he was forced to make all those years ago.

And if he refuses, she will freeze Meghan…to death.

Our thoughts?:


  • This has one of the most memorable Point Horror covers of all time. Just saying the words Freeze Tag automatically conjures up the picture of bloody hands pushing through broken glass for me – crazy!
  • Caroline B. Cooney creates such a fascinating character in Lannie where  her eerie obsession with West and hatred of Meghan will give you goosebumps.
  • I did want to shake West at more than one point in this story. I really wished he wouldn’t give into Lannie as easily as he does!
  •  Apart from being incredibly creepy the author captures the intensity of first love and the first serious relationship in your life. perfectly. (Obviously the majority of people don’t have to deal with what Meghan and West do but it’s definitely an emotional experience like no other).


  • I thought the atmosphere was very eerie. It built beautifully throughout the book.
  • I love the character of Lannie. She’s so well written. I could picture her so vividly.
  • It made me feel really nostalgic. This was one of my favourites.
  • Freeze Tag has an interesting ending. It’s not a happily ever after.

Our Spring Point Horror reads will be April Fools by Richie Tankersley Cusick and Spring Break by Barbara Steiner.

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