Beth and Chrissi Do Kid Lit- Carrie’s War

Carrie's War

How did I get it?:
I borrowed it from Beth!


Evacuated from London to Wales during World War II, Carrie and her brother are sent to live with the very strict Mr Evans. In trying to heal the breach between Mr Evans and his estranged sister, Carrie does the worst thing she ever did in her life.


I hadn’t read this book before, but it had always been on my radar. I was glad that it made it into our kid-lit challenge. It’s an easy to read book which I think has an important place in children’s literature.

Carrie’s War is told from Carrie’s perspective. Carrie and her brother have been evacuated and sent from Wales to London to live with a very strict man, Mr Evans. Carrie and her brother and another evacuee have many adventures together. I really enjoyed how it explored what it must have been like to live so far away from home with the war going on. I thought Nina Bawden’s writing was easy to read and evoked all emotions!

I really liked the characters of Carrie and Nick and was actually quite surprised at how complex they were. I enjoyed reading about their experiences, but if I was being extra picky, I would have liked more about WWII, but that is an opinion from reading it as an adult. I’m pretty sure that the age range that it is directed at, find this book to be a decent reading experience. It didn’t blow me away, but it was a good read and one I’m glad that I finally got around to.

For Beth’s review, please check out her blog HERE

Would I recommend it?:

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3 thoughts on “Beth and Chrissi Do Kid Lit- Carrie’s War

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  2. I remember reading this in school many many years ago, I sadly don’t remember the story though! I’ve been trying to get together a list of books I read as a kid, so I’m very happy I came across this review because I definitely want to reread this one again! Really like this feature, can’t wait to see more Kid Lit 🙂

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