Fairy Tale Friday- Lazy Heinz

This week’s Fairy Tale was one I’d never come across before. It’s a bit of a random one, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It centres around Heinz who is an incredibly lazy man.

Heinz was so lazy he only managed to do one task, looking after his goat and making sure it goes to pasture and back. Heinz’s lazineess couldn’t cope with this much responsibility so he married a girl called Fat Trina (!!!) to help him care for the goats. Both of them were rather lazy, so they decided to trade in their goats for a hive instead. Their reasoning was that bees could look after themselves! They do the swap and end up getting lot of honey.

Heinz, being the charmer he is, tells Fat Trina that she is eating too much honey. He says they soon won’t have any left. He says that they should get a goose and young goosling instead. Fat Trina tells Heinz that they should have a child to look after the goose. Heinz argues that children never obey, so it would be a bad idea. Trina shows Heinz how she would beat the child if they didn’t obey, but instead beats the honey pot with a stick and smashes the pot containing the honey!

I enjoyed reading this fairy tale. It is a strange one though, which I’m finding more and more with Grimm! I love it though.

Next Fairy Tale- Strong Hans


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