Fairy Tale Friday- Strong Hans

This week’s Fairy Tale is Strong Hans. I have to say, I’m getting a little muddled with all the fairy tales with Hans and Heinz! They all seem to be merging into one in my mind!

Strong Hans starts with a family living alone in a valley. One day, they were out gathering wood when some robbers came out of nowhere. They took Hans and his mother away. The mother pleaded to be let free with her son. The robbers told the woman that they wouldn’t hurt her and if she tidied up and did her duties then she would be kept alive. This, of course, being the better option was exactly what she did.

As Hans grew, he became more inquisitve about who his father was. His mother didn’t want to answer, because she believed that Hans would run away to find his father and get hurt in the process. Hans decided he’d be brave and ask the top robber who his father was. He threatened the robber, but ended up getting hurt himself! Hans wasn’t put off though. He was determined to try again.

When Hans did try again, Hans was able to get up and fight back-doing lots of damage! His mother, staying in the background, helped Hans grab some goodies and they escaped together. They were surprised to see the sun as the place where they lived was underground. Hans and his mother walked to the house where they used to live. The father was still there, he was sure that they were dead, so was made up that they were back. The family used the loot from the robbers to make a new house and buy some wonderful things. After a while, Hans had itchy feet and wanted to explore.

Hans came across a  man twisting rope around a pine tree. Hans was immediately impressed and invited the man on his journey. He named him Fir-twister. Fir-twister and Hans came across another man who was standing by a huge rock knocking bits of it away with his fist. Hans invited him along on the journey too, naming him Rock-splitter. The three walked until they came to a deserted castle. They stayed there all night. The three men were taken by the castle and decided that they’d stay for for a while. Two men would hunt whilst the others would look after the castle.

Whilst Fir-twister and Rock-splitter were looking after the castle they got attacked by a little man who wanted meat from them. Both men didn’t say anything about what had happened to them. When Hans stayed at the castle, he gave some meat to the little man. However, the little man got greedy and kept asking for more. Hans eventually said no. The little man tried to beat up Hans, but Hans was stronger. The little man ran away. Hans decided to follow him. The man went to a hole in the rock. Hans marked where the little man had gone to. He told his friends what had happened with the little man and the friends admitted that they were attacked by him.  Hans said it was because they weren’t kind!

When they went into the little rock, they found the little man in there with a maiden who was chained up. Hans used a club to deliver a blow to the little man that killed him. The maiden was released and it was found out that she was a princess who had been stolen and imprisoned in the rock.

The little man went into a hole in the rock. Hans marked the spot. He told the other two what had happened and they admitted that the little man had beat the crap out of both of them. Hans told them it was their fault for being so stingy. They took a basket and rope and went to the hole. Hans let his club down first, then Hans went down. He found a door and inside was a maiden, but the dwarf was there grinning like a sea-cat. The maiden was chained and sad. Hans used his club to deliver a blow to the dwarf that killed him.

The maiden’s chains released when the dwarf was dead. She told him she was the daughter of a king and that she had been stolen and imprisoned here. Hans helped with her return to safety and obviously…he married her!

This fairy tale felt different to the others but I enjoyed it! If only I could make sense of all the Hans fairy tales that I’ve read from Grimm!

Next Fairy Tale- The Moon

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