Fairy Tale Friday-The Moon

This week’s Fairy Tale is a Grimm tale called The Moon. 

The story centres around a land in which the nights were always dark because the moon never rose and stars never shone in the night sky. Some men went out of this land to travel. They ended up in another kingdom where when night fell, a shining globe was place on an oak tree which shed light for the kingdom. It meant that everything could be seen easily, even if it was not as good as the sun. The men wondered what it could be. They asked a countryman what it was and he explained that it was their moon. Their Mayor had bought it and fastened it to the oak tree. The mayor had to pour oil into it daily and it had to be kept clean so that it always burned clearly.

Once the countryman had left, the men decided that they needed to use this lamp so that their land could have some light. The men hatched a plan to steal the moon. Once successful, they took the moon back to their land and everything was lit up at night. The men took care to keep the moon provided with oil.  Years later when one of the men was gravely ill, he insisted that when he died some of the moon should be his property and buried with him. Each time one of the men died, a piece of the moon was buried with them. The light began to dim little by little.

The dead became restless and woke up guided by the moonlight. Saint Peter who guards the gates of heaven though those down n the world below had revolted. He made them lie down in their graves and took the moon back to hang in heaven.

This really was a strange little fairy tale, but it was interesting. It felt very different to the other Grimm Tales.

Next Fairy Tale- The Goose Girl At The Spring



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