Fairy Tale Friday- The Goose Girl At The Spring

This week’s Grimm Fairy Tale is The Goose Girl At The Spring. 

It centres around an old woman who raised geese in the mountains. One day, she persuaded a count to carry her heavy burder up the mountain for her. He was incredibly tired, but she would not let him rest. When the reached a hut, there was an ugly girl looking after the old woman’s geese. The old woman said the count couldn’t stay together otherwise he might fall in love with her. As a thank you for carrying her burden, the old woman gave him a box cut out of emerald.

The count wandered the woods for three days before reaching a town where a king and queen reigned. He showed them the emerald box and to his surprise, the queen collapsed. The count was seized and taken to the dungeon. As the queen woke, she demanded that she speak to the count. She explained that her daughter was a beautiful girl who wept pearls and jewels. One day, when her dad asked his daughters how much they loved him, the youngest said ‘like salt’. The king divided his kingdom between his two other daughters and sent the youngest one packing with only a sack of salt. The king later regretted his actions, but the girl was never seen again. When the queen had opened the emerald box, a pearl just like her daughter’s tears was inside it. The count told the king and queen where he had got the box from. The king and queen decided that they needed to speak to the old woman.

In the mountains, the ugly girl washed in the spring at night. She became incredibly beautiful by night, but ugly when moonlight was hidden. When she returned to the hut, she came across the old woman who told her she could no longer live with her. The girl was upset. The count had gone with the king and queen, but had got separated at some point. He observed what had happened to the girl. He told the king and the queen. Once the king and queen had met the old woman, she told them that they could’ve spared themselve the heartache and the travel up the mountain if they had not been so unkind to their daughter. The old woman took the king and queen to their daughter. They wept as they were reunited. When the old woman disappeared, the hut became a castle. The count married the youngest daughter!

It’s always a shock when the Grimm tale isn’t quite as grim as usual! I really enjoyed this fairy tale though. I felt it had a moral!

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