Fairy Tale Friday- The Nixie Of The Millpond

This week brings the last Grimm Tale in my Grimm Tales For Young And Old book. Please feel free to check out my other reviews of the fairy tales on this link HERE. The last fairy tale is The Nixie Of The Millpond, which I have to admit, I hadn’t read before now! As usual, Grimm didn’t let me down with their strange little tales.

The story centres around a miller who was very poor. One day a Nixie appeared to him, out of the water of the pond. She promised that he’d never want for anything, if he promised her what had just been born in his house.. Thinking it might be a kitten or puppy, the miller agreed. When the miller returned home, he found his wife cradling a newborn baby. The miller was petrified that his son would be taken away from him, so he made sure his son never went near the water, telling him that a hand would take him underneath. Way to freak out your child, hey?!

Years later, the boy had become a hunter. He got married and everything seemed to be going well, both with his career and his life as he got married. One day, a strong deer was being particularly tough to chase. The hunter was determied to get it and finally brought it down. The hunter went into the millpond to freshen up. The hunter was dragged down into the millpond by the Nixie.

The hunter’s wife searched everywhere for him- except the millpond. Exhausted, she fell asleep. She dreamt of climbing a mountain and finding an old woman. When the hunter’s wife woke up, she climbed the mountain that was in her dreams and found the old woman. The old woman gave her a golden comb and told her that she had to comb her hair by the millpond whilst thinking of her husband and then put the comb down. The hunter’s wife did as she was told. The Nixie stole the golden comb and the hunter’s head appeared from the millpond. The hunter’s wife returned to the old woman of the mountain. She gave her a golden flute and told her to do the same. Trusting the old woman, the hunter’s wife gave it a go. After playing the flute she left it on the side and the Nixie stole it. Half of the hunter’s body appeared. The next time, the hunter’s wife got given a golden spinning wheel. Once again, the Nixie stole the object. This time, the hunter completely emerged from the water. He grabbed his wife’s hand and they tried to escape. The Nixie tried to drown them, but the old woman of the mountain turned them into a frog and a toad. When on dry land, they regained their human form, but they were far apart from one another.

More time passed and both the hunter and his wife were shepherds. They were unexpectedly reconciliated whilst tending their heards. The man was playing a flute and it was the song his wife had played him whilst in the millpond.

I really think this was a great fairy tale to finish the collection with. It was interesting, slightly weird but wonderful!

Next week I start my journey into Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales!


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