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Myla used to love spending long, hot days on the beach with her sister, Asha. Until the day Asha was taken from her and the sun went out. Forever.

That was two years ago. Myla hasn’t been down to the beach – or even left the house – since. Crippling agoraphobia and panic attacks keep her locked inside a nightmare of the day she can never forget. Her main contact with the outside world is online – until she meets Jamie.

Jamie is new in town and also struggles with things most people find easy. Nobody gets why it’s so hard for him to eat. But, like Myla, Jamie is trapped by his fears and feels anxious, awkward and alone.

Gradually the pair begin to trust each other. Are they willing to reveal their secrets – and risk discovering the truth? Or will they let their pasts consume them for good…


I was immediately pulled into the synopsis of Consumed. It sounded like something that I’d really enjoy reading. I have to admit, I can be a little bit touchy when it comes to books centred around mental health. I have read far too many books which just don’t seem to ‘get’ mental illness. However, even though some parts of the book are a little unbelievable (I could get past it!) I think Abbie Rushton has written a fantastic book which kept me turning the pages!

This book centres around Myla and Jamie. Both have problems, but they don’t expect to be able to help each other as much as they do. Jamie is new to town and is introduced to Myla. Myla hasn’t left her house for years after experiencing the loss of her sister. A day that she keeps repeating in her head and wondering ‘What if?’ Jamie is running away from issues at home and living with his Aunt. Jamie finds it hard to eat, but can’t even begin to explain why. Myla and Jamie get closer and we learn more about their secrets.

I was intrigued by Myla’s friendship with her online friend, Eve. It was intriguing. I really enjoyed the online aspect of this book. It felt very real. I can imagine that many people with agoraphobia find solace online. It was pretty creepy at the same time and I doubted who Eve was at times.

I found it hard to put this book down. I was desperate to know who had killed Asha. I had my suspicions throughout but was never quite sure. There certainly are some unpredictable characters within this story. As I mentioned, it’s a real page turner. It didn’t take long to devour at all. I highly recommend it!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

I really enjoyed this book which didn’t take long to read!

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