Fairy Tale Friday- The Emperor’s New Clothes

It’s Friday again already! Where is time going?! This week I’ve started my next collection of fairy tales that come from Hans Christian Andersen’s Classic Fairy Tales. I have a beautiful Barnes and Noble edition.

The first fairy tale was The Emperor’s New Clothes. This tale I’m incredibly familiar with, which I’m sure many people are. It centres around a very vain Emperor who is more concerned with wearing and showing off his clothes. The Emperor hires two weavers (who are really spindlers!) who promise him the finest clothes from a fabric that appears to be invisible for those who are unfit for their position or those that are just stupid (charming!) The two weavers pretend to make a fine suit for the Emperor, all the while spinning nothing at all. The Emperor’s ministers pretend they can see the fabric as they fear for their jobs. Once the weavers have finished their ‘masterpiece’, they ‘dress’ the Emperor. He is ready for procession in front of his subjects. Everyone plays along pretending they can see the suit. They’re worried they’ll be labelled stupid or unfit for their possession. Eventually, a young innocent boy calls out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all! The Emperor suspects that this might be true, but carries out his procession nonetheless!

I used to love this fairy tale and it certainly brought back fond memories whilst revisiting it!

Next Fairy Tale- The Rose-Elf



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