Fairy Tale Friday- The Rose-Elf

This week’s fairy tale is The Rose- Elf. This is a fairy tale that I hadn’t read before, so I was excited to explore a lesser known fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen.

The Rose-Elf is all about a tiny little elf that lives inside a rose. One night he is out and about when he sees a beautiful young woman and her lover saying goodbye. The woman’s brother is sending his sister’s lover away on a task. The little elf finds himself inside a rose that the young man takes away with him. The tale takes a dark turn then, as the woman’s brother murders the young man and buries him. The elf tells the woman this through a dream. The woman goes to where her lover is buried, digs up his head and then plants a jasmine bush on top of it… as you do…She dies too. The horrible brother keeps the jasmine bush until the elves that live inside it murder him.

I didn’t expect this tale to be dark but I thoroughly enjoyed it! No matter how strange it was…

Next Fairy Tale- The Stork



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