Fairy Tale Friday-The Storks

This week’s Fairy Tale is The Storks by Hans Christian Andersen. I have to admit that this is another one that I wasn’t familiar with. I really enjoyed it though.

The Storks centres around a family of storks who live near some humans. A few little boys sing songs to mock the baby storks. They sing some really horrible stuff, telling the storks that they’re going to die nasty deaths. The baby storks really want their revenge on the boys, but their wise mother tell them to wait. Later, the storks learn to fly and their mother tells them that now they’re older, they’ll be delivering babies. She tells her children that all of the children that were teasing them, won’t be getting siblings. She then explains that the boy that started the nasty song will get a stillborn baby for their sibling (!!!!)  The mother tells the storks that the child who didn’t make fun of them within the group of little boys will be getting a sister. She explains that because the boy’s name is Peter, all the storks will be named Peter!

I’m learning to not be surprised by rather dark fairytales. This one was certainly a story of justice!

Next Fairy Tale- The Daisy


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