Fairy Tale Friday- The Nightingale

This week’s Fairy Tale is The Nightingale. I enjoyed this tale which was slightly longer than quite a few of its predecessors in this book. It centres around a Chinese emperor who has a beautiful garden. He hears about a nightingale who sings incredibly beautifully. He wants it to be found and brought to him. A servant knows where it lives and lead the emperor’s courtiers to the nightingale. The nightgale agreeds that he’ll come to sing for the emperor. The emperor is thrilled and taken aback by the nightingale’s song. The nightingale stays at court. Later on, another emperor sends a mechanical bird that sings the same song over and over again. The emperor and his court prefer the mechanical bird and banish the nightingale. After a while the mechanical bird breaks and the emperor falls ill. The emperor is dying when the nightingale shows up and sings at his window. How loyal! The nightingale’s song heals the emperor. He asks the nightingale to stay, but the nightingale says it’ll come and go as it pleases.

I really like how the nightingale got the upper hand in the end by dictating his terms! Too right, considering the kingdom went for a robot over his beautiful song!

Next Fairy Tale- The Elfin Hill

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