Fairy Tale Friday- The Swineherd

This week’s Fairy Tale is was The Swineherd, a tale I hadn’t heard of before. I’m loving this feature for picking out little gems. I enjoyed reading this little tale.

This tale centres around a prince. He’s not very rich but is trying to woo the emperor’s daughter with a rose and a nightingale. The emperor’s daughter rejects him because his gifts are far too humble for her liking. The prince disguises himself as a swineherd and tries to bribe her with some enchanted toys. He bargains to get kisses from her if he gives her the toys. The emperor found them kissing and was enraged with his daughter. He chucked her out. The swineherd let his disguise go and the emperor’s daughter is shocked to see he was the prince she refused. The prince tells the emperor’s daughter that he despised her now as she was happy to kiss a swineherd for toys, but not be with the prince for more humble gifts.

Next Fairy Tale- Holger Danske


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