Fairy Tale Friday- The Flying Trunk

This week’s Fairy Tale was a story about a merchant’s son. It begins with the merchant’s son spending all of his money with nothing to spare but a trunk. However, the trunk is a magical trunk that flies him to Turkey. Once in Turkey, the merchant’s son flies up to a tower where lo and behold there’s a beautiful princess. The merchant’s son falls in love with the princess. He lies to her and tells her he’s God of the Turks. The princess agrees to marry the merchant’s son, but tells him he has to come back in a week to meet her parents.

The merchant’s son finds out that the king and queen love fairy tales. He tells them a fairy story about a merry tale about a family of matches. The king and the queen love the story so much that they give their permission for marriage. Happy, the merchant’s son flies around setting fireworks off from his trunk.Unfortunately, the trunk burns up so he can’t get back to the tower or his bride. She waits for him on the roof and continues to wait. The merchant’s son carries on telling fairy tales but they are no longer happy tales.

Next Fairy Tale- The Fir Tree


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