Always With Love (Billy and Me #2)

Always With Love

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Sophie’s got used to being the girlfriend of Billy Buskin, the biggest movie star in the world. Sort of.

But when she and Billy take a trip to visit his family in Los Angeles, she quickly discovers she’s totally unprepared for the chaos of Hollywood, the paparazzi and Billy’s controlling mother.

And when Billy extends his stay in LA, leaving Sophie to fly home to Rosefont Hill alone, it seems there’s more than just miles between them.

Now Sophie must decide if they can overcome their differences for good. Because not every love story lasts the distance . . .


I automatically buy Giovanna Fletcher’s books because I enjoy her writing so much. I was excited to revisit Sophie and Billy again. If you haven’t read Billy and Me, you don’t necessarily need to. There’s enough information given to understand what’s going on. However, I think it would enhance your reading experience if you have read Giovanna’s debut.

Always With Love was as sweet as I expected. It continues to follow Sophie and Billy. Billy has taken on another movie role, despite initially being on a break from acting. Billy can’t pass on the opportunity, so his relationship with Sophie becomes a long distance thing.  Always With Love follows the highs and lows of Sophie and Billy’s relationship and questions whether it can stand the test of time and distance.

Sophie is such a relatable character. She is your average every day girl who is so down to earth. Sophie is so far away from the LA lifestyle and I loved how her ‘normal’ lifestyle ensured that Billy stayed grounded.I loved reading about her relationship with her mother and how that, to, contrasted with Billy’s family life.  I loved reading about Billy too. I wish there had been more of them together.

If I’m being honest, I would have preferred a bit more drama within the story. I was fully expecting something dramatic to happen, but it didn’t. The story had some conflict but it was resolved so quickly and easily that I was left wanting more. I wanted more tension and even though their relationship wasn’t plain sailing, it wasn’t as gripping as I wanted it to be.

That said, Always With Love is a decent, heart-warming, easy to read book which fans of the genre will really enjoy!

Would I recommend it?:
Yes! 3.5 stars

A great sequel to Billy and Me!

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