The Yellow Room

The Yellow Room

How did I get it?:
NetGalley- thanks to Hot Key Books/Bonnier


If you receive a letter telling you your father has died, what do you do?

Anna’s father left when she was very young and Anna, now 16, is living with her ambitious, unemotional, scientist mother. Then she receives a letter from her father’s current girlfriend, Edie, with some shocking news: her father has died. Edie would like to meet Anna because she has something for her from her father. Anna’s friends think Edie is not to be trusted and that she should steer clear. But Anna is drawn to Edie: her warmth, her character, her ability to rustle up delicious meals, all of which it seems her own mother is seemingly incapable of… and the way she can tell Edie the secret that is buried inside her, that she cannot bring herseft to tell her mother or her best friends.

A taughtly told, compelling tale about mothers and their daughters – and the lengths that some will go to, to make their dreams come true.


I have to admit, I was immediately drawn to the cover of The Yellow Room. Often a simple cover really draws me in and this certainly was the case with this book. I haven’t read anything by Jess Vallance before, but I had heard good things about her writing so I was excited to start her latest book. I’m so glad the cover pulled me in, as I thoroughly enjoyed The Yellow Room. I couldn’t put it down.

It’s hard to review this book without completely ruining the story. I had the best experience reading it, because I didn’t know a lot about it. It gripped me from the start. Our main character, Anna, receives a letter from her father’s current girlfriend Edie telling her that her father had died. Anna hasn’t seen her father since she was young. She currently lives with her mother, who seems unattached and disinterested in Anna. Edie wants to meet up with Anna, as Edie has something from Anna’s father to give to her. Anna is intrigued. Anna’s friends tell her not to meet up with Edie, as she barely knows her. Anna ignores their advice and meets Edie. Immediately, Anna can’t help but take a liking to Edie. Edie’s a little naive, but lovely. She’s everything Anna’s mother isn’t. Edie seems to really care for Anna. She feels completely safe in her company.

I really enjoyed Jess Vallance’s writing style. I raced through the book eager to find out how the story was going to unravel. I would definitely recommend not looking too far into this book before picking up a copy. It’s best not to know much about the story before going into it. There are some wonderful twists and turns that encourage you to keep turning the pages. I will certainly be checking out Jess Vallance’s previous book as I was really impressed by The Yellow Room. 

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

A wonderfully gripping Young Adult story!


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