All About The Hype (Jessie Jefferson #3)

All About the Hype (Jessie Jefferson, #3)

How did I get it?:
Received from publisher- this has not affected my opinion of the book. I always give an honest review.

Previously reviewed by the same author:

Jessie Jefferson


Is the life of a famous rockstar’s daughter all it’s cracked up to be? And what about dating your fellow band-member just as you hit the bigtime? 
Jessie is still getting used to being a celebrity, and the daughter of one of the world’s biggest rock stars. With her own music career on the rise, a gorgeous love interest and a fun group of friends, it seems Jessie’s glamorous LA life couldn’t get any better . . . but things are about to get really complicated.


Regular readers of my blog won’t be surprised to see this book being reviewed. I absolutely adore Paige Toon. I have read (although not reviewed) all of her books and her books regularly feature on my Top Ten lists. I was recently given the opportunity to read All About The Hype which is the third (and perhaps final?) Jessie Jefferson book. The Jessie Jefferson series is Paige’s step into YA fiction which I think she does incredibly well. I am fond of the adult characters in these books having met them in Paige’s adult fiction books (which I highly recommend!)

In the latest instalment of this series, Jessie is adapting to life as a celebrity. She has decided to live in LA with her dad, Johnny, a famous rockstar. Jessie is singer in a band formed with some friends and a love interest… She has an interesting love life (unfortunately there’s a bit of a love triangle- I say unfortunately as I’m not a fan of the love triangle!) and seems to be loving the LA lifestyle. Things aren’t easy for Jessie though, she’s still grieving for her mother and missing life with her old friends.

What I love about Jessie as a character is that she is flawed. She can be a little selfish at times and is easily drawn into quite a superficial lifestyle. Yet, she is lovely at heart and wants to do the right thing in her mother’s memory and to please her stepfather. She also doesn’t want to anger her dad or his wife Meg. Jessie is torn between her old lifestyle and her new lifestyle. I absolutely love Johnny and Meg. I have loved them since Johnny Be Good and I adore that I get to read about them once more with this series.

You can buy All About The Hype on Amazon and The Book Depository. Visit her website at, and follow her on Twitter @PaigeToonAuthor

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

Paige Toon really is a fantastic writer. I always enjoy reading about her characters and I can devour her books in no time at all. 

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