Fairy Tale Friday- The Shepherdess and The Sweep

This week’s fairy tale was a really odd, quirky tale. I’m coming to expect that a lot more from Hans Christian Andersen as I continue to read the fairy tale collection. The story is about a porcelain shepherdess and a chimney sweep. That might seem a little bit odd, but it gets more weird. They both fled their home when the shepherdess is due to be given in marriage to a goat-legged statue. Yes, you read that right. A goat-legged statue. Once outside, the shepherdess worries and decides she wants to go back home. Luckily for the sheperdess and the sweep, the shepherdesses’s grandfather had fallen and broken his neck, he was so badly injured that he couldn’t even nod his head to consent to the goat-legged statue, therefore the shepherdess and the chimney sweep got their happy ending!

Next Fairy Tale- The Wicked Prince


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