Fairy Tale Friday- The Wicked Prince

This week’s Fairy Tale is also known as The Evil King I can totally see why as the main character in this story is rather evil. It tells the legend of a man who conquered loads of lands. He absolutely destroyed so many countries in order to feel more powerful. Everyone was fearful of him. He brought lots of wealth back to his hometown and was able to erect magnificent buildings. His people were in awe of him, they weren’t aware of the misery he had brought upon others. He wanted a statue of himself erected in a church (bit full of himself, this one!) but the priests told him that God was greater. Of course, the foolish man then decided to wage war with God which was an awful idea. He built airships to enable him to ascend to heaven, but he was attacked by a swarm of gnats. One of the gnats crept into his ear and its bite poisoned him, leaving his soldiers laughing at their boss. His plan to conquer the heavens and war with God failed miserably…

Next Fairy Tale- The Galoshes of Fortune

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