Perijee and Me

Perijee and Me

How did I get it?:
I received it from the publisher! Many thanks to Faber.


Perijee and Me is a hilarious and touching story about an unusual friendship, a heart-stopping adventure, and the power of kindness when you’re faced with an alien invasion. If E.T. the Extra Terrestrial is still “right here” in your heart, then you’re sure to fall hard for the misunderstood Perijee and the one girl who’s desperate to save him.
Caitlin is the only young person living on Middle Island. On the first day of vacation, she finds a tiny alien on the beach. Caitlin becomes close to her secret friend, whom she names Perijee, teaching him everything about her world and treating him like a brother.
There’s only one problem: Perijee won’t stop growing. And growing . . . Caitlin will have to convince the adults around her—and Perijee himself—that the creature they see as a terrifying monster is anything but.


I heard about this book at a Faber event and was lucky enough to have a copy in my goodie bag. I’m just sad (and annoyed) at myself that it took me so long to get around to picking it up! When I did pick up Perijee and Me I absolutely devoured it. It’s such an endearing, adorable book with such heart-warming characters. I can totally understand the comparisons to Lilo and Stitch and ET, but I think Perijee and Me is wonderful in its own right.

It centres around a lonely little girl called Caitlin who finds an alien on the beach one day. She decides to befriend him and teach him how to talk. She wants to teach Perijee right from wrong and introduce him to her father, who is a scientist. It isn’t all fun and games though. Perijee starts to grow and they can’t make him stop. The world is in chaos as the seemingly to others  ‘monster’ Perijee starts to create havoc in the city. Caitlin has to convince everyone that Perijee isn’t as bad as he might seem.

The characters in this book are so well thought through. They’re well developed and easy to like. I loved how the author represented Caitlin’s struggle with education due to dyslexia. I think it’s so important for this to be represented in a story, especially in a middle grade/children’s fiction story.

The themes of this book are incredibly poignant. It’s a story of family, friendship and home. It made me feel all warm inside and I truly think it can be enjoyed by adults and children!

Would I recommend it?:
Of course!

A simply adorable book!

2 thoughts on “Perijee and Me

  1. I really loved this too. I’m going to be using it as a class text with my year 7s in September. This also gives me an opportunity to make them watch ET. For academic comparison, obviously, not just because I like it.

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