Top Ten Books I Hope To Read With My Class


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the wonderful The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s list is a back to school topic. I decided to write about 10 books that I hope to explore with my class this coming academic year. Just 6 days until we’re back!

I shall be teaching a mixed class this year with ages ranging from 7-9! Here are the books I’m planning to explore with them.

Click on the book image to get to the Goodreads page!

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin- Michael Morpurgo

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

We are doing a book study on this book in the first three weeks of term. I’m really excited to explore it with them with some really fun activities.

The World’s Worst Children- David Walliams

The World's Worst Children

I have picked this book as our first class book! I’m excited to explore more of David Walliams’ writing!

Stone Age, Bone Age- Mick Manning


I thought this non fiction book would be great for our first topic of the Stone Age!

Ug- Raymond Briggs

Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age

Ug is another Stone Age related book which we’ll be studying in the first few months. I haven’t read it before, so I’m excited to read it with them!

The Heart and The Bottle- Oliver Jeffers

The Heart and the Bottle

This is another book that I want to study with them. There’s a lot of opportunity for creative writing!

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish- Neil Gaiman

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish

I haven’t read this book, but I can’t wait to read some Neil Gaiman to my new class!

Black Dog- Levi Pinfold

Black Dog

I have heard a lot about this book, but I’ve never read it. I look forward to exploring it with them!

Flotsam- David Weisner


Another one I’ve heard so much about but never got around to reading!

Roman’s On The Rampage- Jeremy Strong

Romans on the Rampage

My old class enjoyed a bit of Jeremy Strong, so I aim to try this one with the new class when we study the Romans.

You Wait Til I’m Older Than You- Michael Rosen

You Wait Till I'm Older Than You!

I love Michael Rosen. I’m trying to read more poetry to my class, so this is the perfect choice!

What did you do for your back to school post this week? Feel free to leave a link to your post and I’ll stop by!

50 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Hope To Read With My Class

  1. These look nice, I especially like the Stone Age, Bone Age it looks like it would be great for a stone Age unit, and The Heart and the Bottle just looks so bright and cheery!

  2. Great bunch of books. I used to be an elementary school teacher, but I’d say I had older students. My TTT lists some sci-fi cat books to read instead of doing homework — one of which I used to read to my class.

  3. It’s great that you get to teach these books to your class! I don’t remember reading a lot during class in elementary school and I do think it’s important that kids have the chance to grow a love of reading 🙂

  4. Great list! For my first Top Ten Tuesday, I did an elementary-book theme as well. My daughter is 8, and I made a list of her top 10 books that she read over the summer, and will probably be re-reading again during the school year for her nightly reading homework.

  5. Great books to share with your class! I used to love the story of the Pied Piper, and then I read about some version of the endings and I just couldn’t look it the same way again.

  6. I love the illustrations on the front of these books, they all look so fun. I have been meaning to check out some of David Walliams books because they just look like so much fun! I really hope you get to read them with your class and they all love them!

  7. I haven’t read any of these, but they all sound so cute. I hope your class will enjoy them. Thanks for sharing, and for stopping by my TTT earlier. 🙂

  8. Great Plans! I would certainly be excited to be in your class! That’s super fun that you get to cover The Stone Age and The Romans – I don’t remember us getting that far back in history but then my childhood was a LONG time ago so its just, maybe possible I wouldn’t remember even if we did:).

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