Fairy Tale Friday- The Story of A Year

This week’s fairy tale is a tale that I wasn’t familiar with- The Story Of A Year. 

It starts in late January when the people were experiencing a very heavy snowfall. The people were panicked. They tried to run away, they kept in the shelter of carriages. No-one wanted to touch the snow. This story follows some sparrows who where looking for food to eat in this cold weather. The sparrows spoke to one another, complaining about the new year which they felt was much worse than the old year.

The sparrows have a chat about people and how they celebrate a new year. They discuss calendars and how they believe the year starts when spring arrives (a nice thought!) Some of the sparrows decide that they are provided for by people, so they won’t fly out to try and find a bit of a better environment.

When a sparrow asked how long it would be to spring, a strange old man answered “Very long.” The sparrows work out that the old man is Winter, the man of last year who wasn’t dead yet, but was guardian to Prince Spring who was coming soon.

Time passed, signs of Spring started to show. Once again, the sparrows asked when it was going to be Spring. Of course, it was Spring and Winter disappeared. The sun shone warmly and Winter was gone. We experience the joy of Spring with the birds. I really loved how vividly Spring was described. I do love Spring.

The story then moves onto Summer, then Autumn before Winter appears again and the birds have to move. It explores the seasons through rulers of the seasons. I thought the descriptions were absolutely beautiful.

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