Fairy Tale Friday- There’s No Doubt About It

This week’s fairy tale was a short and very unique little tale!

It centres around some hens, starting with one hen telling her story about a very respectable hen who used to lay her eggs in a very proper way. As she was flying upon the roost, she plucked herself with her break and a little feather came out. She believed the more she plucked, the more beautiful she got.

Another hen sitting near her, gossiped to another, saying to the other that there was a hen that wanted to pluck themselves to look well for the cockerel. Nearby owls heard this little exchange and talked about ignoring it. The owls, however, did pass the message on to some dearby doves. They told the doves of the first hen’s intention. Of course, the doves then passed the message on. It really was like the worst sort of gossip. They discussed how the hen would be ever so cold and end up dying. Each time the message was passed on, it got worse and more ridiculous.

Finally, the message got back to the cockerel and it was of course exaggerated. Once the story got back to the hen with the loose feather, she didn’t recognise the story! Being a respectable hen, she was disgusted by the stoty and said she would get the story into the papers. And she did!

This story surprised me with its moral. I really enjoyed reading this one. It just proves how gossip always grows!

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2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Friday- There’s No Doubt About It

  1. I’ve read this one before, Chrissi, and I love that the hen who started it all didn’t even realize that she was the one being gossiped about. It just shows how poisonous gossip can be, and I do my best not to listen to gossip myself… but I have to admit I don’t always succeed :O

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