Fairy Tale Friday-Ole Luk-Oie

This week’s fairy tale was Ole Luk Oie which is also known as Ole Lukøje. I thought I wasn’t going to know it, but it becamse very familiar. It is based upon the folk tale of the mysterious Sandman. Sandman takes children to sleep by sprinkling magic into their eyes. Depending on their behaviour, he shows them a range of dreams. If they have been good they see many beautiful dreams throughout the night. Those that aren’t good, get to sleep heavily, but they don’t dream a thing!

In the story Ole Lukøje we read about his visit to a boy called Hjalmar every night for a week. During his final visit, we read about Ole Lukøje’s brother who has the same name as him. We learn that he is also known as Death. Death  closes the eyes of those that visit and takes the child away with him.

This was a quaint little tale which I enjoyed reading. I now have Mr Sandman in my head for the rest of the day…

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