Fairy Tale Friday- The Garden Of Paradise

This week’s fairy tale was The Garden of Paradise this isn’t a tale I’d heard of before, so I was certainly intrigued to read it. It’s certainly a dark tale! It gives Hans Christian Andersen’s ideas of what the Garden of Eden was really like.

It centres around a Prince who loved to be knowledgable. His grandmother had told him stoties about the garden of paradise. He was told about flowers made of cakes that contained knowledge. Of course, the Prince was really intrigued by this. One evening, when travelling, he sheltered from a storm in a cave. He met an old woman there who told him her sons were the four winds. We meet the winds and find out about their behaviour. One wind tells his mother that he is going to blow to the Garden of Paradise. This interests the Prince and he decides to go with the wind.

At the Garden of Paradise our prince meets the Princess and of course falls for her. The Princess tells him that if he wants to stay in the Garden of Paradise he has to follow his own heart. She told him that he musn’t follow her, he should resist. She teases him with her words and if she summoned him he would follow.She tempted him by telling him all men should know everything. At one point, the Princess threw off her clothers and went into the Tree of Knowledge. The Prince followed and kissed her.

When he kissed her, the Garden of Paradise disappeared. The tale ends with Death approaching a prince and telling him that he must expiate his sins because one day Death will come for him. Cheery, hey?

I found it to be really intriguing at the beginning, but unfortunately it’s one of those stories that falls a little short. I also found it to be a little preachy which I know some older fairy tales can sometimes be.

Next Fairy Tale- A Story



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