Fairy Tale Friday- A Story

This week’s fairy tale was A Story. This is another of Hans Christian Andersen’s lesser known fairy tales.

It involves a minister who is always preaching about damnation talking about hiw sinners will burn in hell forever. One day, the minister’s wife falls ill and dies. She comes back to haunt him, telling the minister that she can get to heaven if the minister can get a hair from the head of a sinner who is destined to go to hell.

The minister goes searching for a sinner, meeting all sorts of people along the way. He believes that God will redeem many of them and this begins the lesson that the minister is to learn. He needs to stop all of his negativity and sermons of damnation.

The minister wakes up with his wife, alive,  next to him. It was a dream all along and that dream taught him something.

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