Fairy Tale Friday- Under The Willow Tree

I hadn’t heard of Under The Willow Tree before so I was intrigued to read it. It centres around two children Knug and Johanna who grew up together and bonded over stories and songs. One day, Knud and Johanna are separated when their families move apart. Later in life, they reunite. Knud is a shoemaker and Johanna is a singer.

Knud declares his love for Johanna but she tells him she sees him just as a sibling. She’s off to France and leaves Knud feeling very upset. Knud wanders around Europe. He discovers Johanna again and sees her sing. Someone tells Knud that Johanna is engaged. Knud keeps on wandering and finally goes top sleep under a willow tree. That night, he dreams that Johanna declares his love for him. However, whilst he’s dreaming he freezes to death. Bleak.

Next Fairy Tale- Ib and Christine


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