Fairy Tale Friday- Ib and Christine

This week’s fairy tale is Ib and Christine which is also known as Ib and Little Christina. It’s a tale that I wasn’t familiar with, so of course, I was intrigued to start it.

It centres around two children from the same village- Ib and Christine- they are very good friends. One day they get lost and meet a woman who tells them she has some nuts which will tell their fortunes. The nuts predict that Christine will have carriages and dresses in her life and that Ib will have something that is ‘best’.

Ib and Christine grow up and Christine works for a rich family. Ib still visits and proposes marriage. Christine accepts but then later breaks off the engagement when the son of the family proposes marriage. Ib says that Christine will be better off with him. Christine marries the son and the relationship between Ib and Christine falters. He doesn’t hear from her for years.

Ib finds some Viking treasure on his land which is worth a lot of money. He travels to the big city and meets a girl who looks just like Christine. This girl leads him to her dying mother who turns out to be Christine! Christine’s husband had went mad and spent all of their money. Christine had given birth to her second child who had died soon after. Christine dies without Ib knowing if she recognised him or not. He takes in Christine’s little daughter (who is also named Christine!) and they live happily together.

This little tale is very odd but it was easy to read…if a little creepy!

Next Fairy Tale- Twelve By The Mail


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