Fairy Tale Friday- The Metal Pig

This is quite an achievement for me… last year between Christmas and New Year, I totally forgot about Fairy Tale Friday. This year I’m on it! I read The Metal Pig which is also known as The Bronze Pig.

The Metal Pig centres around a young boy who is begging for money in Italy. He’s poor and desperate for money. The boy is unsuccessful. He goes to sleep on top of a bronze pig. At night, the pig magically comes alive and takes the boy through a palace/museum where the boy sees some well known art. When the boy wakes up in the morning, he goes home penniless. His mother is not amused because he hasn’t brought in any money. She’s threatens the young boy so he runs away. Luckily, a glove maker and his wife takes him in. The boy meets an artist and starts to draw.

The artist realises the boy has a talent and mentors the young boy. The boy grows up to be a very talented artist. He paints a portrait of the bronze pig which everyone has seen around. The boy sadly dies before his biggest exhibition, so this fairy tale is definitely not a happily ever after…

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