Beth and Chrissi Do Kid-Lit- The 2017 books are revealed!

2017 brings yet another year of Beth and Chrissi do Kid-Lit, which has been a fun feature on our blog! As usual, Beth and I have picked 6 books each.

Here are the choices…my choices are in purple, Beth’s in red!

JANUARY- Prince Caspian- C.S. Lewis

FEBRUARY- The Cuckoo Sister- Vivian Alcock

MARCH- Awful Auntie- David Walliams

APRIL- A Snicker of Magic- Natalie Lloyd

MAY- The Sea Of Monsters (Percy Jackson and The Olympians #2)- Rick Riordan

JUNE- The Prime Minister’s Brain- Gillian Cross

JULY- The Reptile Room (A Series Of Unfortunate Events #2) by Lemony Snicket

AUGUST- Fortunately, the Milk- Neil Gaiman

SEPTEMBER- Saffy’s Angel – Hilary McKay

OCTOBER- Black Hearts in Battersea- Joan Aiken

NOVEMBER- Witch Child – Celia Rees

DECEMBER- Finding Jennifer Jones- Anne Cassidy

Have you read any of this books? Can you spot a favourite in there? Let us know!

8 thoughts on “Beth and Chrissi Do Kid-Lit- The 2017 books are revealed!

  1. It’s been awhile but I enjoyed Prince Caspian, not my favorite of the series but still good. I love the Percy Jackson series as well as A series of Unfortunate Events. I’m hoping to reread those too especially with Netflix producing the series as a tv show.

  2. I really enjoyed Prince Caspian and the entire CoN series as a teenager. Yes, teenager! My mother was petrified of any books containing fantasy (??) and wouldn’t allow me to read them until then. They were the first fantasy world books I ever read. I’m not sure that I would love them quite so much today (maybe time for a reread), but I have all the warm fuzzies for them.

  3. Fortunately, The Milk is slight, but a hoot. I loved Blackhearts in Battersea as a kid, though it’s caused a permanent, life-long confusion about Guy Fawkes in real life vs. the events of the book. I was underwhelmed with Witch Child, but I’ve always been fond of good ol’ Prince Caspian. And my sister-in-law’s maiden name is Jennifer Jones, so I think I should try to find that book for her!

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