Fairy Tale Friday- The Bond of Friendship

This week’s fairy tale is also known as The Pact of Friendship. I have to admit that it’s not one of my favourite fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and I’m not sure that it’ll stay with me for long!

It centres around a boy who is growing up in Greece in a time when Turkey is ruling it. The young boy’s dad comes home from the war with a young orphaned girl that they name Anastasia. Anastasia is raised within the family. Sadly, the boy’s father is killed in the war. Later, the boy meets someone his age called Aphtanides. They become friends but drift apart when Aphtanides becomes a sailor. As the children grow up, the boy realises he is falling in love with Anastasia. You’ve guessed it…so has Aphtanides. Aphtanides and the boy have sworn to be friends for life so Aphtanides ‘lets’ the boy have Anastasia. He is due to marry another anyway.

It was quite nice to not have a death in this story! I liked how Aphtanides didn’t put a girl before his friend too.

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