A Week In The Life Of A Primary School Teacher- Pupil Progress…

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my life as a primary school teacher. I currently work at a primary school teaching Lower Key Stage 2. My training posts on this subject were really successful and so therapeutic for me, therefore I’ve decided to continue posting on the topic. I will not be naming any children, or the school where I work. If personal posts aren’t your thing then feel free to skip these posts. I won’t mind! Bookish goodness returns as normal Monday-Saturday!

This week has been an interesting one down to some knee problems… *insert eye roll here* However, I think it’s been an okay week and my problems aside, I think my class are progressing well.

This week we had a pupil progress meeting which happens either half-termly or termly. We sit down with senior leadership and talk through every child and see if they are on track to meet age related expectations by the end of the year. We talk about our concerns and every child is really given a thorough conversation. If I’m honest, I find these meetings quite stressful. Sometimes, a child has come up too high from another teacher (judgement differs so much, it’s surprising!) which means we have to fill in the gaps they have and push them on. I found out that quite a few of my current class were scored very high which means they have to be beyond age related expectations…ARGH. So I have quite some work to do over the school year.

I have plans to extend those who are supposed to be ‘beyond’ within the next few weeks. I’ll do my best, as always, but I’m trying to not let it stress me out or stress the children out. It’s not worth it for just a label of ‘beyond age expectations!’


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